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Accelerating Sri Lanka’s Startup Culture



If you’ve been browsing our website you may have come across a key initiative called the Startup Sri Lanka Accelerator. Let’s delve into how engaging with the accelerator can be a game-changing decision for you, your innovations, and your startup.

Gaining popularity around the world, startup or seed accelerators are all the rage in the technology sector because mentorship and educational components are built into the process which will eventually culminate in selected startups making a public pitch at an event, enabling startups to pitch to the right people in the global and local arenas.

Spearheaded by SLASSCOM’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum, the Startup Sri Lanka Accelerator will be a finely honed process, geared especially for Sri Lankan startups in various geographical locations and backgrounds. The process will involve equipping each selected startup with the right tools for their specific company cultures and projects to succeed in international markets.

The benefits of becoming a member company are manyfold. For startups, this is an excellent platform to engage with the SLASSCOM Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum with ample opportunities to interact with other startups, potential mentors, and industry experts. Many startups are built on excellent ideas and promising technology, but often they need additional support and guidance on business, managerial and operational aspects. This is how Startup Sri Lanka can support you. When you become an accelerator participant, SLASSCOM will take Startup Sri Lanka member applicants through a detailed assessment process which will help tailor a program that is specific to the needs of each company.

Aligned to this need, the Startup Sri Lanka Accelerator and Startup Mentoring Programme will help startups grow their businesses with guidance, industry information, networking opportunities, and consultancy. To engage with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, become a member of Startup Sri Lanka which comes with 2 years of free membership and a plethora of other benefits such as participation at networking events, promotional campaigns, and additional startup-centric benefits tailored to help growing companies reach and expand their potential.

Companies that achieve member states can take advantage of all SLASSCOM hosted Learning and Development activities conducted by industry experts. This is in addition to being able to join 30+ free training programs, Tech Talks, workshops by member companies and partners annually. We will also support startups by connecting them with international and local pitching events and incubators which will provide opportunities to get better visibility and market reach. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum additionally hosts several regular networking sessions with an encouraging entrepreneurial community that comprises potential business partners, investors, CEOs, and industry leaders.

Member companies who come onboard with the free two-year membership offer will also have the added prospects of learning from mentors and mentorship sessions conducted by credible and experienced industry leaders with proven track records. It is important to invest time and effort into a company in its teething phase to support learning and exploring possibilities. With a surplus of knowledge, experience, and expertise within SLASSCOM itself, startup companies are given exposure to some of the best mentors in the industry.



Harnessing strengths and enhancing startups comes with a key set of objectives that will help drive the futures of Sri Lankan startups.
Here are some of our topline objectives when it comes to building the accelerator.

01. Creating A Supporting Ecosystem

  • We will bring related partners together within the platform which will support the increased growth of our economy. These partners will include Government Agencies, Facilitators, Community Partners, L&D Partners, and Investors among others

02. Recognition Systems

  • We will recognize the work of entrepreneurs and innovations alike at the national and regional levels

03. A Focus On Women Technopreneurs

  • Our plans include developing a conducive environment for Women Technopreneurs to be successful in contributing to our economic and social goals

04. Mentoring Programme

  • Mentors from within the wider ecosystem created will work with members of Startup Sri Lanka to mentor them to be successful enterprises at national and international levels

05. Networking Opportunities

  • The program will create opportunities for startups to network and interact with successful business models and role models alike

06. Funding Opportunities

  • Startup Sri Lanka will also create opportunities for startups to engage with funders, funding organizations which will help innovators to successfully enter the market

07. Mitigating Problems

  • Our plans include identifying and potentially removing or mitigating risks and impediments to the industry where possible


In order to ensure that these objectives are met, we have placed KPIs relative to our objectives and the relevant activities to measure the success of each, as follows.

SME & start-up specialist who has helped more than 30 SME’s and around 10 start-ups in their digital transformation initiatives from a systems & marketing viewpoint. An engineer by qualification, Sujit has been adept in understanding business processes because of which he has been a key member in devising core system implementation for B2B and B2C organizations.

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