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SLASSCOM Product and Platform Council



As many of you may already be aware, the SLASSCOM Product and Platform Council (PPC) aims to fuel the growth of technology products in Sri Lanka by bringing together innovative founders, technology enthusiasts, and other professionals who are focused on scaling up products and platforms.

While a few Sri Lankan product companies have had significant success stories over the years, we at SLASSCOM are confident that there is room for many more companies to attain such heights. By enabling that vision we expect to increase the contribution to export revenue from technology products to become 25% of total revenue by 2040, through foreign investment, product licensing, and exit strategies.

The PPC catalyzes the scale-up journey of product companies by establishing a community, generating the content, influencing policy and coaching, through specific focus groups.



  • Create an Ecosystem platform that product companies can leverage for skills, knowledge, and networking, build brand presence and tap into global resources


  • Lay the foundation for a Product Academy that would help build skills in all product-related disciplines such as product management, product marketing, product engineering, product experience, etc,


  • Improve relevant policy and infrastructure through dialogue with the government and related stakeholders


  • Support companies to scale up their products and platforms by means of mentoring, coaching, and networking so that they are ready to expand In current markets and new ones


Stay posted on the PPC Activities!


PPC Members companies and community gain exclusive access to the following benefits;

PPC Member’s Community group

  • Be a part of the PPC Community and network with other industry colleagues sharing similar passion and interests in the world of products and platforms. The Community networking is supported on SLACK

Access Product related Content

  • You can access an array of content curated and selected by the PPC, which are tailored specifically to help product companies. This content will be continuously updated to keep the knowledge base current.

SLASSCOM Product Company Directory *

  • If you are an entrepreneur or company focusing on building products or platform, this is a great opportunity to be listed on the SLASSCOM product company directory. SLASSCOM PPC is working towards building a directory of all Product and Platform companies/start-ups and Partner Institutions in a bid to create a global ecosystem.

Scale-up Mentoring Program *

  • One of the main goals of PPC is to help companies that have already gone to market scale up their operations. The PPC is developing a mentoring program that will be offered to a selected number of companies.
* PPC Member company privileges

Applying for PPC Membership (Companies/Startups)

If your company or startup;

1. Has a software product or platform

2. Has at least one B2B or B2C Client

Click here to apply for your PPC membership

PPC Membership is free of charge

Please note that joining the PPC does not entitle members to SLASSCOM membership. If you are interested in joining the SLASSCOM membership, please contact [email protected] for more details

Joining the Community

Anyone working on software products or who has a passion for software products can join the PPC Community using the following link. Stay updated with our announcements!

Click here to Join the commuinity


We’d love to hear from You!

We are connected on SLACK or via email ([email protected]). Feel free to reach out to us on the following or for any other matter!

Want us to do a specific Ask Me Anything (AMA) Episode?

  • Our Ask Me Anything webinars are tailored just for you! We continuously make efforts to address the challenges and pain points of our software industry in various product disciplines. We will provide you with an opportunity to have an open conversation with the experts. If you’ve got a specific challenge that you think affects the industry holistically, drop us a message and we will ensure to help address it at a
    future AMA Episode.

Want to take part in our scale-up mentoring program?

  • The “Scale-Up” focus group aims to support companies in scaling up their products and platforms by means of coaching and networking so that they are ready to expand into current markets and new ones. We are doing this by building a catalog of curated services in the form of mentoring, knowledge sharing, and guidance specifically in areas of leadership, product management, architecture, product marketing, people management, and funding. We are looking for committed and passionate teams/startups that are ready to work with us. Write to us with your interest and we will get back to you.

Need a pointer in the right direction?

  • If you need any support or guidance on driving your product-related business, feel free to reach out to us. Let’s see what we can do!

Where can I get more information or access knowledge content on Product Management?


SME & start-up specialist who has helped more than 30 SME’s and around 10 start-ups in their digital transformation initiatives from a systems & marketing viewpoint. An engineer by qualification, Sujit has been adept in understanding business processes because of which he has been a key member in devising core system implementation for B2B and B2C organizations.