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From Startup to Enterprise,
the Sri Lankan way.

Welcome to Startup Sri Lanka where we are poised to help evolve, empower and expand the island’s budding sector culture and the players that shape its future. Consider this portal your space to come together and play a key role in a game-changing initiative that will shape the direction of your company’s future, while also re-imagining how we do business as Sri Lankans.

Spearheaded by SLASSCOM’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum, Start-Up Sri Lanka is geared to help local startups share knowledge, learn from our successes as well as our collective failures in an attempt to create a hive-mind that propels the entire industry forward. Our vision is to create 1000 new startups by 2025 and in turn, drive the entire industry to expand into international enterprises. 

To do this, we offer 2 years free membership to startups and innovators. Further, our knowledge component will give you the tools and skills to successfully bid against leading industry giants, understand international business ethics and develop a competitive edge like no other.

Coming from SLASSCOM, Sri Lanka’s chamber for knowledge and innovation in the IT/BP sector, Startup Sri Lanka be the catalyst for driving a 21st-century startup ecosystem that is conducive to collaborative and collective success, the Sri Lankan way. Our unique gifts as enduring people spill over into the way we do business which is exactly the kind of spirit we aim to hone with this unique and visionary project. Let’s reimagine a better world together.