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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a startup ready to engage with the Startup Sri Lanka initiative, we know you’re bound to have some questions. We have tried to answer some of your questions below, but if you don’t find what you are looking for, please type some keywords in the search bar to find answers too. 

General Information

Startup Sri Lanka Hub is a one-stop platform for all stakeholders in the Startup ecosystem to interact amongst each other, exchange knowledge and form successful global level partnerships in a highly dynamic environment.

Startup Sri Lanka is packed with information and opportunities to help drive your business forward. Browse our comprehensive listing of all the players in Sri Lanka’s budding tech startup ecosystem; get to know firms, incubators, accelerators, and potential investors for your next big idea. In the coming months, this web platform will enter into new phases of development, housing key resources, links to complementary portals and information on mentors you can engage with.

Registering your profile is fairly simple.

Click the “Register” tab located on the top right of the website which will then direct you to our registration platform. Here, we will take you through an authentication process where you will be asked to fill in details including your name, work email address and so on. Once you fill in this information, you will be sent a one time password (OTP) for verification. This will lead you to a link to set your own password.

Once you set up your password, sign in with your credentials and password.

This will direct you to the Startup Sri Lanka Hub.

Once there, select and create your company profile and a role that best defines you, based on the information provided. Once this is complete, you are ready to go!

Any entity having at least one registered office in Sri Lanka is welcome to register on the hub as location preferences. However, we are working on international relations and will soon be able to enable registration for stakeholders from the global ecosystem.

Information for Mentors

As a Mentor for Startup Sri Lanka, you will have access to all registered startups at different stages around the Hub. Startups will contact you by sending you a connection request, asking you for your expert advice on various aspects of their project life cycle.

To find out more, visit the Mentor’s Section on the website.

Startups that register with Startup Sri Lanka will have access to the names and profiles of mentors on the Hub and merely need to press the ‘connect’ button on each Mentor’s profile which will notify the mentor that they are interested in their expertise. Once the mentor accepts the connection request, the startup will be able to reach out to their Mentor via an in-built chat interface on the site. The Mentor can also find out more about the Startup by clicking on their profile.

We are dedicated to showcasing our Mentors’ contributions that empower Sri Lanka’s startup ecosystem. We will be hosting quarterly feedback sessions with the Startups that each Mentor or Investor works with and request commendation letters which we will share on the Startup Sri Lanka website and other platforms. Feel free to flaunt these letters across your social platforms and do remember to tag us when you do.

Information for Startups

If you have an idea for a technology service or product, then you’ve come to the right place. One of our key aims is to support new entrepreneurs to get their ideas and ventures kick-started and onward to the next level through various initiatives and structured learning.

For startups, Startup Sri Lanka houses startups incorporated in Sri Lanka that have technology as a core focus. If your startup fits this criteria, please drop us an e-mail to <e-mail> with your company’s name and website. For incubators, accelerators, and investors, if your sectors of interest are technology-related, please drop us an e-mail <email> to <e-mail> with your company’s name and website.